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Deep Forest Dreaming in Paddington

Deep Forest                                               Dreaming in Paddington

Leopard Balcony         Tiger Balcony

Eurasian Lynx                                                          Wood Hoopoe

Gang gang Cockatoo Gouldian Finch

White-lipped Tree Frog

Green Tree Frog

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Oenone Hammersley, F.R.G.S.


Oenone Hammersley specializes in painting Rainforest wildlife.  She has been exhibiting regularly since 1980, with shows in the USA, Europe, Australia and Africa. She recently spent two years living in Australia, where she painted the birds and frogs of Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Oenone visited the Daintree rainforest in Northern Queensland, where she was particularly fascinated by the large and unusual seeds, which she collected and used as collage on her oil paintings. The seeds add both texture and a three dimensional quality to her work which is exciting. In Papua New Guinea she visited Tari in the Southern Highlands where she saw spectacular birds of paradise which are also depicted in her new collection.

Oenone’s recent work includes semi-abstract oils on canvas & watercolour and gouache paintings on paper. In 2009 Oenone launched her new collection of limited edition girclee reproductions of her paintings on pure silk; these can be worn as silk scarves or framed as artwork.

Deriving inspiration from her extensive travels, expeditions to Southeast Asia, India, Africa and Latin America, she is committed to furthering the cause of conservation through her work and involvement with organizations such as World Land Trust, Flora and Fauna International and Earthwatch.  She has also helped raise funds by organizing exhibitions as well as giving donations from the sale of her own work.

Clearly influenced by the work and colour of Gauguin, Matisse and Rousseau, Oenone has created her own style with a hint of the surreal, and found a way to express her feelings about nature and wildlife.  Paths and the choices we face when confronted with those pathways feature heavily in her work. The question of choice, whether to choose to take the path that leads to saving wildlife and nature, or to choose another way, is presented allegorically. The animals in these paintings act as guides and stand like sentinels at the gateways.

Oenone Hammersley was born in England in 1957 and studied Theatre Design at Wimbledon College of Art, followed by printmaking at the City Literary Institute.  She is married and is currently living in Virginia, U.S.A.

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